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We are going to make the world better for all.

Time for Change

Our goal is to be an impactful Political Movement led by members of the community. We are inspired by the belief that everyday people can shape and mold a society where everyone can achieve their true potential.


Tomorrow’s World Order [TWO] is a powerful global world leader to act as an overseer and leader in guiding humanity to the next stage of development through effective laws, clearly defined methods and through the provision of a platform to see that through. We are sovereign in our own right as we are independent of any nation and do not belong to any nation, institution or cult, nor do we represent any nation. We have rights to write our own laws and print our own currency and can enforce our laws which are to be followed and adhered to by everyone. Laws that are universal and meant for all mankind and as such laws that MUST be acknowledged and observed by all mankind. We are a global phenomenon to lead mankind out of the defensive stages towards networking and cooperation as nature intended. We strongly believe that mankind has failed. The current system has crashed and now not fit for purpose and we are here to lead mankind out of the defensive stages simply because for the past seventy years global issues have worsened with global debt in excess of $244 trillion, with all recent financial crises, poverty, unemployment, climatic change, wars and political instability and all issues to do with inadequate global finances. We strongly believe that the current system has crashed and as such only a new system will ultimately solve today’s global problems hence the rise of Tomorrow’s World Order.


A plan to develop our new global digital currencies, [visit] namely GTPS.FINANCE; GTPS and Ultimatalioniscoin that will power our new global system of governance. We believe that the current system is obsolete and not fit for its purpose. The world has changed since the Bretton Woods system and a new system is now mandatory. We need to replace the whole global system with a system that reflects the time we are living in. New economic and financial systems, new systems of governance, new judiciary systems; meaning new laws, and above all, new monetary systems. ✓ Cryptocurrencies are part and parcel of the future’s new system; side by side with fiat. We strongly believe that to develop further the world must adopt our system where they use two currencies. One our digital currency GTPS; which is compulsory to all countries on earth and their fiat national currency. ✓ The whole world must use a minimum of two currencies, one digital and the other fiat. We as Tomorrow's World Order, we will become overseers to guide humanity to the next stage of development that involves extreme technological development, networking, and cooperation. The current system relies on mankind using the few resources he has making weapons that he uses to get all the resources he can't get or afford like oil etc. through wars; sanctions and invasions. FACT. ✓ But we are saying that we have a solution to all global problems; debt, budget deficit, financial crashes, imbalance of payments, corruption, wars, unemployment; economic problems, hyperinflation, economic stagnation, even social problems. Our system is a comprehensive system that looks at all aspects to come up with a solution that will bring wealth to all; to levels never thought possible in our time.


Q1 2018
Writing our guiding principles and putting things in place in order to provide a platform that will see our plans through. Tokenization of GTPS, GTPS.FINANCE and Ultimatalioniscoin. Recruiting founders and team members.
Q2 2020
Defining the backend, legal, and recording systems of the tokens before launch. Incorporation of Tomorrow's World Order and other legal stuff.
Q3 2021
Listing of the coins on all DEX, Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, etc. Introducing GTPS, GTPS.FINANCE and the Ultimatalioniscoins and their initial offering. Sale. Pre-listing of all coins. GTPS June with an 80%, 60% reduction for 4 consecutive months. The final 20% to last 3 months. Unsold coins of GTPS to be burned.
Q4 2021
Distribution of the tokens and the provision of liquidity to all major exchanges focusing on Uniswap, 1inch, Kucoin, Coinbase Commerce, Quickswap, Firebird Finance, Anyswap etc.
Setting up of the payment system Advcash and listing on Coinbase Commerce. Establishing the governance and voting systems. Discord and the community engagement.
Q1 2022
The official launch of GTPS - launchpad IDO/ICO. Followed by ULC, GTPS.FINANCE, pre-listings. Listing at major exchanges and removing bottlenecks.
Development of own exchange, app GTPS/ULC and launch to the public.

Going global and officially public announcement and take over.

Establishing branches globally- Geneva, NewYork, Paris, Brussels, etc.

Q2 2022

Listing on all DEXs, Coinbase, HotBit, Latoken, STEX, Bybit, etc.

Implementing plans on ground.

Co-operations and networking.

Collaborations and Partnerships.

Mass awareness and campaigns.

Great recruitment drive.

Q3 2022

Developing of our prototype platform.

Negotiations and establishment of our legal framework to deal with violators of our system.

Emphasis on Ultimatalioniscoin

Our system believes and gives respect to national sovereignty as the only means to solving all current global issues. Since with national sovereignty you have the only true way of creating wealth that will solve balance of payments, global deficit, global debt, unemployment, economic and financial issues among other things. Tomorrow’s World Order strongly believe that the only solution is through a sovereignty guaranteed right: the right to print fresh new money without worrying about loan repayments and interest to pay. It’s the only way to wealth. The current system is there to screw every country on earth but benefit a few. Only printing new money is the route to wealth and solving today’s global issues but it’s not just a case of printing money, that is where we come in because hyperinflation and general inflation are animals hard to tame but we have mastered the skills and I will tell you how. FutureGoldCoin [FCI] is a future global digital currency for transactions and is to act as a Single Reserve Global Currency [SRGC] to work with a Sovereign nation’s currency side by side to steer growth and increase wealth exponentially at the same time fighting hyperinflation as printing money shall be the only source of new money. Never Global Debt Again. Replaces Global Debt with Perpetual Savings. Every system must have a leader to prosper. A leader to protect it, to lead it and safeguard its future hence the rise of Tomorrow’s World Order [TWO] with sovereign powers to print our own money, write and enforce our laws globally. Strong leadership guarantees the survival and existence of any system. FutureGoldCoin is a digital currency together with our system and comprehensive approach will change the world as we know it today from global debt to huge national savings and global wealth. Our system and our currency the FCI will provide;✔ A fast and secure way to carry out global transactions.✔ A way of reducing transactions costs greatly globally.✔ Reduce major fluctuation risks.✔ Help to boost trade globally.✔ Help all nations generate huge savings and the needed new money to solve their problems.✔ A huge helper in fighting hyperinflation and normal inflation.✔ Will eliminate the Triffin Dilemma and the Beggar-thy-Neighbour problems so that a country will stand by itself and only its monetary skills will determine success or failure rather than be derailed by external forces.✔ Will not take away the sovereignty of any country which is the only way to be self-sufficient and the road to wealth, with the current system whenever a country uses another’s as a reserve currency it automatically loses this sovereignty and the ability to control its fiscal planning e.g. by devaluing the currency to increase exports. It relies on adjustments by the country whose reserve currency is in use and therefore technically under it.




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Bogdan Gavrila

CEO/ President/Campaign Officer Tomorrow's World Order

One of the founders of Tomorrow's World Order. A dedicated enthusiastic candidate for the job at hand. Ready to go the extra mile for greater results.

David Gomadza

President/CEO/ Project Leader

The World's First.
The one to take all humanity to the next stage of development. Goal-driven. Must-Do attitude. The search for the global President is over. This is your man. BSc Town and Country planning. Project Management. Business Management and Planning.  The University of Zim. Corporate Law and Planning and Management. Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators. UK. President Tomorrow's World Order reg Great Britain.

Carolina Zeiberlina

President/ Financial Officer/Project Coordinator

Overseers the financial aspect of the project in conjunction with the other leaders. Can do attitude.