T.W.O TOMORROW’S WORLD ORDER 6 EASYBY ROAD BRADFORD BD7 1QX UNITED KINGDOM. REGISTERED IN GREAT BRITAIN REG 2331788 00447745900178 Write a cheque or donate through PayPal or our bank. 2020-2021 Political Fundraising Campaign. Dear Reader/Donor PLEASE TAKE TIME TO READ AS THE ISSUES RAISED ARE CRITICAL THAT YOU MUST FULLY UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING AND WHAT WE STAND FOR. THANK YOU. The Problem. Do you know that the current system is designed to take away money from you through high taxes , and high prices to limit circulating disposable income as a way of controlling inflation. Leaving you poor and future generations poor too? Even if it is not a direct intended aim by the government but that is how the system works. This is because the only new source of money is through printing. FACT. To make things worse the system creates so much social issues. In order to trigger it to come for the second time and take even more money from you through donations and charity contributions. This is not a coincidence but a preplanned but unfair barbaric system that benefit only the government as they let you fight and do what they are supposed to solve. Exempting themselves from their duty saving money and making all you even more poor. Taking advantage of your generosity and kindness. So what is the use of paying taxes etc.? Surely with the donations and money raised so far things should have improved but now they are even creating digital weapons, watermarks and digital pathogens to steal even more money from you. Leaving you all empty as they use your fears to steal from you as you contribute towards eliminating these. FACT!. The current system is designed in such a way that it exonerates the police or doctors for wrongfully killing or abusing you through e.g. shootings, harassment and torture because you pay them through taxes for what ever they do to you. Their salaries are paid by your contributions. The judges will simply clear them because you bought whatever they are selling meaning all things they do to you. As you are funding them. Self inflicted wounds no grounds to complain.. Only you to blame. Are you surprised they all get acquitted in all murder cases etc.? The current system is gangster minded. Barbaric and meant for uncivilized societies and times. In that it centres around weapons manufacturing and using the weapons to get all the resources they cant’ afford. No matter how harsh that sound. This is the truth, would you be surprised to see the large number of wars , sanctions, invasions, assassinations etc., all financial crisis, high unemployment, high taxes, human rights violations, social unrest, stupid killings by the police and the hospitals of innocent civilians, civil unrest, taking us back to the 1980s, torture, human hacking, poor living standards for the past seventy-five years, stagnating economies, poor old infrastructure, poor old transport systems, and poor government practices and all climatic issues. For with the little resources they have. They make guns and use the guns to get everything they need and, cant afford at Gun-Point. Your critical role. Our solutions are for everyone including future generations. So be part of this. Get in. Do you know the current system was put in place just after the Second World War? And the people behind this are either dead or old. No wonder we have all the above problems. Simply because things then are not the same as now. The system was not meant for us; the Future Generations. To make things worse they lacked foresight to anticipate what we need and what future generations want. The Solutions. So a system change is our critical goal. We need a system that reflects today׳s thinking and addresses todays problems not a seventy-five-year old OBSOLETE system. Your Great Financial Contribution. But to do this requires great financial commitment. So we need your help. Get in get involved be part of this. This is not just for us TWO alone. No, but for all humanity. Do this either for yourselves, your kids or just for future generations. You can help greatly for your support is the KEY to solving all global problems we have today. There is a great misconception that there are other solutions to all global problems because if that was true they could have solved all the problems by now. Given the fact that for the past 75 years our fathers and mothers had been asked to donate and make a difference but I tell you this. That the problems then are still the problems now. Even worse now. The current system is designed to rip you off even the few monies you have. This is through high taxes, donations, high prices, and your charity contributions as a way of removing money in the system to fight inflation without solving the real problems. Thereby creating a vicious circle. FACT. But we are here to solve the problems. A sure solution. Put a new system for us and future generations. Make the government Accountable and stop it neglecting their duties knowing that you will contribute toward eliminating the problems they created or neglected in the first place. They must be held to account. We will see to that. A new system of global, national and individual planning. Stop anything that takes money from you. Paying taxes, making donations to the government institutions because they created and failed to solve problems. So that you take over and them take money away from you. For example we will stop money to be left to the government when someone dies. But we will create an extra individual savings account that we use as collateral to fund you and pay for services like medical insurance, loans, mortgages etc. We will still deduct money from your salaries and wages but this money goes to your savings account. Which you will have access to at a certain age or if the balance reaches a certain amount. We will stop wars, weapons manufacturing, stocking and distribution, we will stop sanctions globally. We will stop all evil acts going on right now mainly the needlessly killings of women and children. We will invest in brand new cities for us and the future generations These must be energy efficient and must use safe renewable materials etc. This enables us indirectly to fight climate change as we will also put emphasis on renewable sources of energy etc. with the aim to ban reliance on fossil fuels alone, in the future. We will bring law and order through our court system and the right enforcement and policing. Our people will never kill innocent civilians simply because they will be competent enough and know the law can’t let them get away with murder. I am excited about all this as I have a lot to tell you that I have written a book about all this; titled Tomorrow's World Order. But i know your time is special so in short; to introduce a new system your donations will help us put this new system in place. We will have our own money printing rights and our own digital currency so your contributions are to only propulsively launch us. Meaning they are short term and not perpetual like with the current system. So your donations are going to empower and improve living conditions of everyone. Do you know that some great nations are here today from the simple realisation that the system was corrupt and unfair to them? Making them refuse paying taxes to be used to exempt the government from their duty of solving the issues themselves? Just think about that! I can’t stress enough how important your donations are to us and how critical they are to the successful launch of our party and the new system which we will put in place. So Donate Today generously so that you will never donate or lose money in the future exempting those responsible for such issues. This is because our system will eliminate all the problems they use to steal money from you forever. FACT! Call to action. Its critical that you donate today. It has been an urgency matter for decades only that few knew how corrupt and unfair the system is or that the few who knew about this had been silenced through assassinations etc. Our solution is for the future as we aim to raise living standards to levels never thought of before. And also to bring wealth to all humanity at levels you can only dream of right now. Imagine all the money you pay as taxes and donations and all sort being yours in your savings account? Imagine having a government-held but yours second savings account? Imagine never spending a penny on things like charity work things the government should be tackling? Not for them to indirectly delegate to you when you are paying high taxes etc. to solve just that. Imagine brand new cities, new buildings, new infrastructure and clean transport systems? Imagine a world brought together by the advancement in technology raising people’s self esteem to levels you can only dream of? I say take charge of your life and don’t trust anyone else to do better things for you. The fact that the government staff; the police and hospitals and doctors etc. are at the forefront of killing innocent people. That in itself is a revelation to a system failure. An incompetent cruel and abusive system that is so obsolete you cant imagine it is still existing. Chose better things simply because you; Damn Right! Deserve the best. So join the best as well. Get in! Get involved. Why accept mediocre lives? Why go with the flow? When you can have the best life can offer. If you are a hardliner raised that way why not do this for your kids and for future generations? Only Tomorrow's World Order has the answers as we tackle the real problem. The need for a system change. Open your eyes and fight for what is rightfully yours. We can only show you what they sweep under the seats. But the final decision is yours. Don’t leave things to chance. Donate today and lets begin an exciting new journey to a better more advanced stage of development. Where livings standards are so high and wealth is for everyone as their system keeps taking from you. Our brand new system will keep giving you. What is not to like? A peaceful world, with rich highly self esteemed people who all work together for. Surely with the donations and money raised so far things should have improved. But now they are even creating digital weapons, watermarks and digital pathogens to steal even more money from you.. Never be fooled there are no other solutions. Just simply stealing money from you to make you all even more poorer so they have jobs and reasons to screw all of you up. Pardon my language but that is a fact. Donate today. Sincerely On behalf of. David Gomadza Signed. Dgomadza. 20 October 2020 Founder and Political Party Leader Tomorrow’s World Order