Updated: May 16

You have taken a great step by choosing to read this constitution. Reading alone is one step of the process. You must join us too. We promise to change the world as you know it today. We promise to bring wealth to all mankind to levels never experienced before. We are going to introduce a new system from national to global governance, financial planning and management. We are going to introduce a new system that will revolutionise the world you know today. We are going to increase wealth of individuals, nations and globally to levels never thought of before. We have the answers to all global problems. We have a solution to global debt, poverty, financial crisis, unemployment, stagnant development for the past seventy years and above all; all human rights abuses. Yes, we have a solution for everything. We adopted a holistic approach and as such our party must be in power throughout the globe so that we can synchronize the implementation of the new global system of governance, fiscal management, and the judiciary system. Yes, you must choose us and vote for our candidates. We believe mankind has been stuck in defensive stages in which mankind has affordability issues and instead with the little resources he has; makes weapons which he goes on to use through, force, wars, invasions, sanctions, intimidation and all evil acts to get the expensive resources he can’t afford like oil. To make things worse in the process kill innocent women and children. Yes, mankind has relied on weapons and the defense as a driver of the economy. But we are saying we as Tomorrow’s World Order and I as the Founder and President there is a solution. Yes, an answer to all this. I believe the current system is now obsolete and only a new system is a must hence the rise of Tomorrow’s World Order and our new perfect system will bring wealth to all mankind to levels never witnessed before. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls JOIN US TODAY for a new chapter in mankind’s development journey. Signed David Gomadza Founder and President Tomorrow’s World Order. 07 August 2019 Updated March 03 2020.

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